13 Quick Tips On Choosing A Logic Analyzer – (and we mean QUICK)

Oscium WiPry Combo

13 Quick Tips On Choosing A Logic Analyzer: 

1. What are you looking to accomplish with the logic analyzer?

2. Benchtop or Portable? In what environment will the logic analyzer be used?

3. How often will a reading need to be taken?

4. How much data will the logic analyzer need to store?

5. Does the logic analyzer have multiple functions available? Ex. Logic Analyzer + Power Analyzer

6. Will all the functions be needed?

7. What are you willing to spend on a logic analyzer? High end benchtop system vs. a portable system?

8. How intuitive is the user interface?

9. Software menu options – easy to understand or layered with too many options?

10. How many waveform measurements will the logic analyzer need to take? What kind?

11. Is there a triggering option or capability?

12. What protocols does the logic analyzer support?

13. How will a user communicate with the logic analyzer?

Hope these 13 starting points help in choosing the right logic analyzer!

Established in 2004, NorthTree Associates (Waconia, MN) is a North American distributor that specializes in providing design engineers, test engineers, and production engineers the best protocol, bus analysis, and board-level testing and debugging tools available.


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