NorthTree Associates Announces Representation Agreement For International Test Instruments Protocol Analyzers

ITIC 2500A PCI Express Protocol Analyzer - Front View

NorthTree Associates has been named by International Test Instruments to represent, market, and sell their USB 2.0 and PCI Express Protocol Analyzer product lines.

International Test Instruments Corporation designs, manufactures and sells high-quality, full featured USB 2.0 and PCI Express protocol analyzers. They do not have a large overhead of a sales & marketing organization – which allows the ability to sell Engineer to Engineer, passing on significant cost savings to fellow engineers. Because of this, International Test Instruments can offer quality products prices significantly below other comparable Protocol Analyzers on the market. Their 1480A USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer packs a lot of punch in a small package. International Test Instruments Corporation has taken their protocol analyzer expertise and came up with two flavors of their 2500A PCI Express Protocol Analyzer – X1 Lane and X4 Lane version. If you need a USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer or PCI Express Protocol Analyzer that packs a lot of capability, International Test Instruments Corporation makes a solid solution!  

1480A LS/FS/HS USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer   

The 1480A USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer is capable of capturing and decoding real-time LS, FS, HS UPS Protocol Transactions as well as OTG SRP, OTG HNP, and OTG VBus events. It has unlimited capture length (only limited by the RAM in the analysis PC and the captured data is viewed), immediate display of very large recorded capture data (data is streamed in real-time into the tree view as it is captured from the link under test of from file so you will not have to wait before you can start analyzing the data) as well as a very small physical format which makes it a powerful companion in your laptop bag or in the lab.

2500A PCI Express Protocol Analyzer – X1 Lane

2500A PCI Express Protocol Analyzer – X4 Lane

The 2500A PCI Express X4 Lane 2.5 Gbps Protocol Analyzer has the same form factor as the 1480A 2.0 USB Protocol Analyzer. It contains 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, an external X4 Active PCIe Slot Probe as well as a X4 external PCIe cable. Software features include a sequenced trigger as well as a full PCI Express TLP decoding. The 2500A is designed to handle very large amounts of data easily by dynamically retrieving captured data as it is needed. The 2500A includes a very deep 8-level trigger which can detect and trigger on up to 16 KByte long data sequences.

Contact NorthTree Associates to learn more about the International Test Instrument Corporation protocol analyzers.





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