NorthTree Associates Announces Representation Agreement for OWON Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment

SDS Front

NorthTree Associates introduces the OWON range of high performance Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment which includes touch screen oscilloscopes, waveform generators, and programmable DC power supplies.

As a touch screen oscilloscope innovator, OWON has achieved various worldwide patent rights, software copyright for their TDS Series Touch Screen Oscilloscopes. Features include: a multi-touch screen, 100MHz to 200MHz bandwidth, 2 or 4 channels, real time sampling rates of 1GS/s to 2GS/s, compact design, high memory depths, and excellent function features.

Other OWON series of oscilloscopes offer bandwidths ranging from 20MHz to 300MS/s, up to 4 channels, channels and a 3.2GS/s sampling rate, making them ideal for both laboratory testing and field service applications across a wide range of industry sectors. High performance features offered by OWON oscilloscopes include isolated inputs for safely carrying out floating measurements, 10M record length for each channel, and a large 8 inch color LCD display screens with 600 x 800 pixel resolution.

In addition to oscilloscopes, NorthTree Associates will also be representing OWON waveform generators, and programmable DC power supplies. The OWON Waveform Generators are versatile waveform generators which derive both function and arbitrary waveforms using Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology, providing stabile, precise, low-distortion signals from DC up to 150MHz, (depending upon model);  all with 14-bit vertical resolution. The features of the OWON Programmable DC Power Supplies include up to 100 output groups with configurable timer, high-resolution LCD display, extremely clean ripple and noise, comprehensive over-voltage over-current over-temperature protection, user friendly interface and panel layout, and variety standard interfaces to meet diverse test requirements.

Established in 1990, OWON is based in China, specializing in the manufacture of oscilloscopes, waveform generators, and programmable DC power supplies. These capable instruments are distributed to customers in the aerospace, automotive, communication, defense, electrical, and education industries in more than 80 countries across the globe.

Established in 2004, NorthTree Associates (Cologne, MN) is a North American distributor that provides unique electronic test & measurement tools for design engineers, test engineers and production engineers.


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