10 Features of The OWON XDS Series Oscilloscope Will Help You Build The Oscilloscope You Need


The XDS Series of Oscilloscopes is the latest product release from OWON. With 12‐bit resolution, the XDS series offers the best solution for those who need to measure small signals or be able to read details from a large signal. Highly suitable for Medical, Automotive, Power Supply, and more.

Here are 10 Reasons Why The OWON XDS Series Oscilloscope Will Be Your Next Oscilloscope:

  1. Large Touch Screen

OWON XDS Oscilloscopes have a generous 8 inch, 800×600 pixels resolution capacitance multi-point touch screen. The operation patterns are the same as the mobile version. Most other oscilloscopes on the market are using a resistance screen, which isn’t as user-friendly in this era of touch screen gadgets and tools.

  1. Signal Generator Module

The XDS Series Oscilloscopes has the option of 25MHz arbitrary waveform signal generator – in a single or dual channel option. When using the dual channel option, each channel is totally isolated. With the 8-bit models (XDS3102/XDS3202) a user has the additional option of choosing 50MHz signal generator.

  1. Multimeter Module

With a 4000 count multimeter module option, the OWON XDS Oscilloscope is not like other oscilloscopes which have simple voltage measurement function multimeters. The XDS Oscilloscope employs a real multimeter module. It has the capabilities to measure the voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance of a signal(s).

  1. 12-bits vertical resolution

OWON XDS Oscilloscopes use 12-bit hardware ADC. When an 8-bit ADC oscilloscope extends its waveform to a more detailed shape, the shape will become distorted. This is caused by quantizing noise. When using a 12-bit unit, distortion does not occur. The XDS Oscilloscope with 12-bits ADC has 16 times the vertical resolution than an 8-bit oscilloscope. Thus, a smaller signal can be viewed more clearly.

  1. Communications Interface

XDS Series Oscilloscopes have USB, LAN, VGA, AV and Wi-Fi interfaces for communication.

OWON has introduced its Wi-Fi Module with the release of the XDS Series Oscilloscopes. The Wi-Fi Module has 2 modes: Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi STA. Wi-Fi AP is to make the oscilloscope act as a hot spot. A user can use a mobile device or computer to connect to the oscilloscope. This will allow a user to access and use the software inside a mobile device/computer to control and monitor the oscilloscope. When the oscilloscope is set to Wi-Fi STA, it allows the oscilloscope to connect with a router, making it accessible on the same local area network as a user’s computer. In this situation, one computer can control and have access to multiple oscilloscopes at the same time.

  1. Battery

The XDS has the option to purchase a battery to make it portable in use. It contains 13200mA power, which lasts about 4 hours. Easy to install and remove. The float measurement is possible continuously supported while the unit is being powered by the battery. It also prevents the channels from ground disturbance(s).

  1. Low Base Noise

The Base Noise of the OWON XDS is extremely low. When it is at 1mV/div position, the base noise is only 50μV or so. The lower the base noise, the better and more accurately a small signal is represented.

  1. Deep Record Length

With an extremely deep 40M record length, the XDS Oscilloscope can capture more data one time than most other oscilloscopes on the market.

  1. High Waveform Refresh Rate

With a fast 75,000 wfms/s high waveform refresh rate, the OWON XDS Oscilloscope easily captures abnormal signals or rare events.

  1. Data Logger

The XDS Oscilloscope comes with 1ppm frequency stability to make it more accurate in data logging. Other oscilloscopes on the market only come with a 50ppm or 100ppm capability reading.

OWON XDS Series Oscilloscopes come with the OWON 3rd generation technology platform ‐ Xvisual, which advances the performance of the XDS series oscilloscopes over other oscilloscopes available. The new Xvisual platform consists of 3 parts: Low Base Noise, 40M Record Length, 75,000 wfms/s Refresh Rate. One of the main benefits of Xvisual is ease at which the measurement of small signals can be read, and the ability to fully restore the true status of signals.

The XDS Series Oscilloscope software, provides advanced trigger and protocol decoding functions to help engineers analyze bus protocols and quick positioning. The embedded Wi‐Fi module ensures computers and cell phones can share the display screen to view and control the oscilloscope. Users can also check and save waveform data via App. By saving data via the App, data can be shared between other users.

The optional capacitance touch screen has been designed to look and act similar to a Smartphone – thus being intuitive and easy to start using right out of the box.

Additionally, the OWON XDS is a complete mobile test station. It has incorporated the ultra‐thin design of the OWON SDS series oscilloscope, and has a battery option for portable use in the field. Besides the oscilloscope function, the OWON XDS also has function modules such as: a 25 MHz/50MHz single/dual channel(s) arbitrary waveform generator, a digital multimeter and a high precision data logger.

Established in 2004, NorthTree Associates (Cologne, MN) is a North American distributor for OWON oscilloscopes, waveform generators, and programmable power supplies. NorthTree Associates provides unique Electronic Test & Measurement tools for design engineers, test engineers and production engineers. www.northtreeassociates.com


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