NorthTree Associates Introduces OWON XDS Series Multi-Function Oscilloscopes


The XDS series of oscilloscopes is the latest product release from OWON. With 12‐bit resolution, the XDS series offers the best solution for those who need to measure small signals or be able to read details from a large signal. Highly suitable for Medical, Automotive, Power Supply, and more.

In addition to having a 12‐bit resolution, the OWON XDS series of oscilloscopes are equipped with advanced technology and functions such as advanced trigger and decoding functions, Wi‐Fi and App support along with a capacitance touch screen.

OWON XDS series oscilloscopes come with the OWON 3rd generation technology platform ‐ Xvisual, which advances the performance of the XDS series oscilloscopes over other oscilloscopes available. The new Xvisual platform consists of 3 parts: Low Base Noise, 40M Record Length, 75,000 wfms/s Refresh Rate. One of the main benefits of Xvisual is ease at which the measurement of small signals can be read, and the ability to fully restore the true status of signals.

The XDS series oscilloscope software, provides advanced trigger and protocol decoding functions to help engineers analyze bus protocols and quick positioning. The embedded Wi‐Fi module ensures computers and cell phones can share the display screen to view and control the oscilloscope. Users can also check and save waveform data via App. By saving data via the App, data can be shared between other users.

The optional capacitance touch screen has been designed to look and act similar to a Smartphone – thus being intuitive and easy to start using right out of the box.

Additionally, the OWON XDS is complete mobile test station. It has incorporated the ultra‐thin design of the OWON SDS series oscilloscope, and has a battery option for portable use in the field. Besides the oscilloscope function, the OWON XDS also has function modules such as: a 25 MHz/50MHz single/dual channel(s) arbitrary waveform generator, a digital multimeter and a high precision data logger.

Established in 2004, NorthTree Associates (Cologne, MN) is a North American distributor for OWON oscilloscopes, waveform generators, and programmable power supplies. NorthTree Associates provides unique Electronic Test & Measurement tools for design engineers, test engineers and production engineers.



NorthTree Associates specializes in representing companies that manufacture avionics and protocol bus test tools along with board level development tools.

We focus on providing design engineers, test engineers and network professionals the best protocol and bus analysis testing products and board-level development tools available.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Our mission is to make our customer’s test procedures and processes work efficiently and effectively as possible for every application.
  • Our goal is to allow our customers to focus on their testing and development efforts by eliminating their involvement in managing and working with the wrong development tools and products.
  • The result is highly satisfied customers who realize cost savings for their businesses.

Our valued partners:

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