Review of OWON SDS7102 Deep Storage Digital Oscilloscope

A good oscilloscope is a necessity when doing any sort of electrical work or troubleshooting. The OWON SDS7102 oscilloscope is designed to help deliver an easy-to-use oscilloscope that can be used by either professionals or people who are engaging in a do-it-yourself product at home.

The OWON SDS7102 oscilloscope is lightweight but durable, is rated highly for its accuracy, and has a number of extra functions that many users find to be quite useful.

Overview of the OWON SDS7102 oscilloscope

The OWON SDS7102 is a two-channel oscilloscope that can be used to qualify and test electrical currents, provide assistance with general electrical installations and to ensure signal stability. The SDS7102 model has a 100 MHz memory which allows it to store multiple readings for use later on. It comes with a LAN interface which allows a user to transfer files to a computer or network.

Additionally, a VGA interface option is available. It is an effective and efficient way to display readings on a larger screen if needed.

Regarding the size of the OWON SDS7102 oscilloscope, it is light enough to be portable, but rugged enough to survive a drop or two and still function properly. Also, the screen is glare-resistant and is easy to read due to its outstanding screen contrasts. Another feature is its LAN interface, as it offers more stability than a USB cable. This allows a user the freedom of not having to remember a specific cord or attachment configuration.

With a sample depth of 10M points memory per channel, along with the memory running at full speed, the performance of the OWON SDS7102 oscilloscope is comparable to more expensive models. With up to 20x more memory and 2x faster memory compared to similarly priced models is a big performance advantage for the OWON SDS7102 oscilloscope. In dual channel mode using the full memory capacity, the OWON SDS7102 oscilloscope can do 500Ms/sec while other models can only do 250Ms/sec. While taking readings over an extended period of time, the difference grows even larger. At 1ms/division, the OWON SDS7102 can still do 500Ms/sec. A user would not recognize this if only referring to the advertised bandwidth and sample rate figures from OWON.

In conclusion, the OWON SDS7102 is a good value at its price point. It may not have all the features a more expensive model may have, but it certainly has the speed and memory needed for a long reading of a signal.

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